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Our Expertise

To ensure the satisfaction of the Clients, Nomo & Sons Integrated Services Limited has reinforced its technical capability through alliance with Excellence Engineering PVT Limited, Oiltech Engineering (India) Private Limited and other indigenous companies. The purpose of the alliance is to form a solid technical capability as necessary to give the best output of Nomo during its services to the oil and gas operators in Nigeria.


reinforced technical capability through alliance 

Nomo is capable of executing project scope covering new design and modifications of:
  • Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Facilities
  • Top Side and Production Facilities
  • Jacket and other steel structural
  • Submarines Pipelines
  • Onshore Pipelines and Receiving Facilities
  • Flow Stations and Production Facilities

Capability Details

The capability detail available in Nomo & Sons Integrated Services Limited (NSISL) for the above work activities are included but not limited to the tasks as follows:

  • Process Simulations and Equipment Sizing
  • Line Sizing Including Flare network Line Sizing
  • Flame Radiation and Gas Dispersion Simulation
  • PFD, P&ID, Mass and Heat Balance
  • Process Calculations and Reports on the Line sizing, Gas Flaring, Control Valves sizing, In Line Instrumentation, etc.
  • Structural Integrity Analysis for Jacket and Topsides
  • In-Place Analysis for Jacket and Topsides
  • Valves Datasheet, SP Item Datasheets, Piping Calculations and Reports
  • Pipeline Wall Thickness and Verification
  • Pipeline In Place Analysis Pipeline Datasheets
  • Pipeline Route, Alignment Sheet, Riser Details, Pipeline Installation Detail Drawings, etc
  • Instrument Calculations for Control Valves and Flow Elements
  • PSV, SDV, BDV, LCV, PCV, Flow Element, Pressure Instrument, Level Instruments, Temperature Instruments, Switches datasheets etc.
  • Instrument Location Plan, Installation Details, Instruments Hook-Up, Tubing Layout etc.
  • Bill of Materials, Requisitions, Technical Bid Evaluation and Clarifications.
  • 3D Modeling of the Facilities, etc.
  • Full Plastic Analysis for Jacket and Topsides
  • Load-out, Sea-fastening, Transportation Analysis, etc.
  • Framing Plan for Topsides, Access Platform, Any Related Details Drawings, etc.
  • Layout Optimizations Including the Design of Key Plan, Equipment Location Plan, Piping General Arrangement Isometric Drawings, etc.
  • Piping Materials Selection
  • Piping Stress Analysis
  • Safety Equipment Location Plan, Fire Protection System
  • Safe Chart
  • Hazardous Area Classifications
  • Electrical Calculation for Power Distribution, Load Study, Cable Schedule, Lighting Calculations, Anode Calculation, etc
  • Electrical Single Line Diagram, Wiring Layout, Electrical Installation Standard, Electrical Interconnecting Diagram to Panel, etc.
  • Electrical Equipment Datasheets, Panel Datasheet, Anodic and Cathodic Protection Datasheets.